Housing Resources


Housing Resource Centre

The Housing Resource Centre (HRC) is the AMS’ confidential peer to peer housing resource.

They help students with any current or potential housing situation, including lease reading, property standards, housemate conflicts, house hunting tips and home security.

Check out their Facebook page for hours and location.

City of Kingston Logo

City of Kingston website

The City of Kingston maintains a dedicated student web-page which has detailed information on a wide variety of City services.

Information on garbage and recycling, utilities, property standards, Kingston transit, and fire safety can all be found here.

Student Community Relations Office

Be it leases or landlords, housemates or heating bills, Joan Jones at the Student Community Relations Office provides confidential advice to students in areas of community and housing.

Some excellent resources include a property code guide, an incoming-outgoing inspection chart for tenants, and a housemate agreement.

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Holiday Housecheck

The Holiday Housecheck program employs students to help improve the security of student homes and reduce concerns about break-ins over the Winter and Summer holidays. During the Summer the Student Maintenance and Resource Team (SMART) checks the exterior of participating homes for forced signs of entry, as well as collects mail for the tenants. This is also completed in the Winter by students along with stomping down snow. The program is free to register for Queen`s students and participating homes will receive notification to pick up their collected mail once the program concludes. You can register for the program here.

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Queen’s Legal Aid

QLA provides free legal assistance to students. Law students can advise on tenant/landlord legal issues and they can represent your disputes with your landlord. In order to qualify as a Legal Aid client, you must arrange an intake interview at their clinic location. You can find more information on their website

Community Legal Education Ontario Logo

Community Legal Education Ontario

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) maintains an excellent source of publications dedicated to legal information regarding tenant rights and responsibilities.

Topics include fighting an eviction, maintenance and repairs, and renting a place to live among many. You can find them all here on their website.

SMART logo

Student Maintenance and Resource Team (SMART)

SMART provides a low charge clean up and beautification service to students living in the University District, such as Red Cup Cleanup. The service also provides contract work for landlords in the District. SMART can be contracted to regularly cut grass, rake leaves, and preform minor exterior property maintenance (repair fences, decks, etc). You can contact SMART through email (smart@ams.queensu.ca) or by phone (613.533.6000 ext. 75685) to inquire about their services.

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Greenovations is a program run out of the AMS’ Commission of the Environment and Sustainability (CES) that provides students with free house visits, free green retro-fit materials like low flow shower heads, and information about how to make your house more environmentally friendly.You can apply for a Greenovations retrofit here.