Heat, Vermin, and Mould

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Kingston’s climate can be tough on old homes in the University District.

Here’s a quick run-down on dealing with heat, mould and vermin issues that might occur in your house. The responsibility for these issues falls on both tenants and landlords.

By Ontario law here’s what your landlord must do,

  1. For vermin, tenants have to give a reasonable (1-2week) timeline for the landlord to eliminate the vermin or pests. Tenants must cooperate by eliminating potential food sources for the vermin; Secure all garbage in a vermin-proof container, keep your food well covered and don’t leave dirty dishes lying around!
  2. Landlords are required to seal the holes and other locations around the foundation which the vermin can gain entry and to set traps. They are not required to immediately hire an exterminator or any other services however all methods used to eliminate vermin and pests must use products that are safe under the pesticides act.
  3. For mould, tenants are required to do a number of things. First, immediately notify your landlord about the suspected mould. Second, do your best to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Use dehumidifiers don’t hang wet laundry inside, ventilate the bathroom after you shower and cook in a well-ventilated area. Also, try cleaning the surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen with something that kills mould (diluted bleach, vinegar).
  4. For mould caused by water infiltration, landlords are required to identify where moisture/water is entering the property and seal all of the holes. They have to work with you to try to resolve the issue. If there is a significant contamination, they are required to replace that material (i.e. damaged drywall, floors, etc)
  5. For heating issues, tenants are allowed to keep the temperature of the house as low a level as they wish (or as set out in the lease),, as long as the temperature is high enough to protect the landlord’s property from burst pipes or excessive condensation
  6. When the heat is included in a lease, then the landlord has a responsibility to provide it from 15th September to 1st of June. The room temperature must be a minimum of 21 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night.
For More Information

Visit the Municipal Affairs Commission webpage or email mac@ams.queensu.ca