Landlord Promises and You!

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Over the course of your time renting a house, repairs and renovations may become necessary. Here’s some guidance on what do if your landlord said they’d renovate or repair your unit but didn’t follow through.

Hopefully all promises are written into your rental contract but if they weren’t, write your landlord by snail mail not email, to remind them of what they promised you.

Give a clear deadline for completion of the repairs or renovations. Let them know which items are most urgent.

If the repair is required under minimum property standards, make a call to the City of Kingston building and bylaw services to arrange your free inspection. The City will communicate with your landlord and monitor the progress.

If your landlord promised an improvement, but the current state is liveable according to City Bylaws, make an appointment with Queen’s Legal Aid to seek a rent rebate for the unfulfilled renovations.

It’s essential to keep writing to your landlord as the renovation or repair progresses so you both agree that the expected job is complete.

You have the right to get what you are paying for but you don’t have the right to withhold rent while the situation is resolved.

For More Information

Visit the Municipal Affairs Commission webpage or email