Recycling and Garbage

About This Project

Kingston’s recycling and garbage system can be pretty confusing at first glance. This a quick overview to help you keep your house free of junk.

Here are some quick facts for garbage:

  1. Currently, two bags of garbage can be placed for pickup without charge. If your household produces more than 2 bags, you can buy bag tags on Campus or other City locations
  2. Garbage must be at the curb by 6 a.m. Try to put it out the night before in well secured garbage bin.
  3. Try to keep on top of garbage or it can get out of hand fast! Try making a chore chart to share the work with your housemates.

Now recycling!

  1. Blue is for glass, plastic, and some metals. You can put clean glass bottles, jars, plastic food & plastic beverage containers, pop bottles, juice bottles, shampoo bottles, other plastic packaging, and aluminum foil and cans in the blue bin.
  2. Grey is for paper products and plastic bags. You can put newspapers, milk cartons, cereal boxes and tetra-paks, either flattened and bundled or in untied plastic grocery bags. Stuff extra bags together and tie shut. Flatten and bundle your cardboard with twine not tape!
  3. Green bins are for composting! Put food scraps, soiled paper products (greasy pizza boxes, etc) or yard waste (leaves, grass clippings) In Kingston you cannot put any plastic bags — even those that are compostable or biodegradable in your green bin. Buy cellulose-lined paper bags at the grocery store

You can look up your garbage and recycling schedule online at the City of Kingston website.

What do you do if your service isn’t on par, i.e. too strict, or regularly missed?

If your recycling is not picked up look for a note from the garbage collectors telling you why. If you didn’t get a note, call the customer service line of the City of Kingston for assistance. Reach them here: 613-544-0000.

For More Information

Visit the Municipal Affairs Commission webpage or email