Unlawful Clauses

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Analysing your first lease agreement can be a daunting task, and landlords may try to sneak some things past you.

Here we cover the major lease myths, and what to know when signing your lease agreement.

Rental Laws in Ontario give you rights that your landlord can’t take away and some landlords have special responsibilities to Queen’s student renters. By Ontario law, your landlord must:

  1. Allow you to have ordinary domestic pets in your house.
  2. Inform you of an inspection or visit 24 hours prior
  3. Pay you your interest on your rent deposit
  4. Allow you to stay in your unit after the end of your first term — that’s usually a year. Many times you don’t have to sign another contract.

The Queen’s contract is an agreement between Landlords and Queen’s that gives some landlords who rent exclusively to Queen’s students exemptions from provincial regulations. There are two big points that affect students:

  1. When you rent from a landlord in the Queen’s contract, you rent from the “door in”. You have no right to use the exterior/yard property of the house.
  2. Your landlord must offer you first option to rent your current home but can rent to another party if you don’t sign a new lease before their deadline. That deadline can be much earlier than the standard 60 days.
For More Information

Visit the Municipal Affairs Commission webpage or email mac@ams.queensu.ca